Why Our Android Smart TV Box?

Android Smart TV Box

FOMO =Fear Of Missing Out

When it comes to technology especially, it’s a good idea to only get the top models available because technology grows so fast that your electronic device can often become obsolete long before it actually stops working.

FOMOstream is the best of the best in the field of Android TV Boxes.  The entire Fs1 Series has more upgrades and capabilities than any other Android TV box on the market, and our team backs it all up with full service tech support if and whenever needed!

Android Smart TV Box


Listed as Quad Cores due to their CPU, they are actually also Octa Cores because of their GPU, Graphics Processing Unit. 

FREE OTA Updates


FREE Add-Ons Manager

When you order a Fully Setup and Supported Android TV Box from our FOMOstream.com website you will be graciously greated by the owner of FOMOstream™ himself on your first tech support call.  Our owner is very proactive in customer service and support and enjoys connecting with his customers to ensure they are getting the most out of their FOMOstream™ Android Smart TV Box.

Just a 1 Time Payment

Comes with a 1 Yr Warranty

Never A Membership, Subscription, or Rental Needed

Simply put, with a FOMOstream™ Android Smart TV Box | HD, 3D, & 4K Streaming Media Player you don’t have to fear FOMO ( fear of missing out ) anymore because you will be on top of your game with the best cutting edge technology on the market.

Here are the specs: FOMOstream Fs1 Series Comparison Chart

Also, the FOMOstream box will put you more in control of what you want to watch and when and save you money each month in unnecessary cable bills, Redbox rentals, and Netflix / Hulu membership fees!

With all the money you save each month with your new FOMOstreamHD, 3D, & 4K Streaming Media Player you and your loved ones can do more of the things you enjoy doing.  You won’t have to worry about missing your favorite broadcast, sporting event, or TV show, live because it if is even remotely popular, you have a whole community recording it for you to access at your own leisure.  No DVR recording necessary!  Even the commercials are cut out of the pre recorded content!

PS.) Will work on any TV.  You don’t have to have a Smart TV to use our FOMOstream™ Smart TV Box | HD, 3D, & 4K Streaming Media Player.

So, what are you waitting for?  Order yours today, don’t miss out!

FREE S&H w/in the US!

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