Most Common Sales Questions We Get Regarding
FOMOstream™ Android SMART TV Box


These are Sales Related questions.  If you have Support Related questions, please refer to our FOMOstream Support Blog.


Q.) What makes the FOMOstream™ Android TV Box so unique & special?

A.) Where do we start?  Well, to begin with…

The Owner and C.E.O. of FOMOstream™ brand, Neil Sargisian, has been and remains to be verifiably heavily invested in providing development and support for the online streaming industry, full-time, since 2014.

Each Fs1 Series Model comes:

  • Fully Loaded w/ Over 2000 Add-ons Pre-Installed
  • w/ 1 Yr Warranty
  • U.S. Based Phone Tech Support Available 7 Days a Week!
  • Detailed Online Tutorials
  • Fully Managed (for life of unit) w/:
  • FREE KODI Updates (for life of unit)
  • FREE Add-ons Manager Updates (for life of unit)
  • FREE OTA System Updates (for life of unit)
  • Never a Membership, Subscription, or Rental Fee Required
  • Stream 4K Films Directly from KODI
  • Download Content
  • Fully Customizable
  • …and has More Upgrades & Capabilities than any other Android TV Box on the market!

Check Out Our: Product Comparison Chart

PLUS all our Customers receive generous future discounts for life!

Q.) How do you ship?

A.) We ship USPS 1-3 Day Priority Mail.  *Bulk orders may be shipped UPS Ground.

Q.) Is the FOMOstream™ box legal to use?
( many people are too afraid to ask this particular question, but it’s important for us to address )

A.) Yes, our FOMOstream™ Android SMART TV Box is perfectly legal to use for streaming content for your immediate friends and family.  Like any home computer, or butter knife even, it is possible to use it illegally, but FOMOstream does NOT encourage illegal activity in any way.  We discuss this in further detail in our previous blog titled ‘FOMOstream™ legalities.’

Q.) Are you affiliated with KODI Media Center?

A.) No.

Q.) What is the difference between your models?

A.) We have 3 models in the Fs1 Series.  The differences are highlighted in yellow on our Product Comparison Chart.

Q.) Do I need a box for each TV?

A.) If you want to watch different streams on different TV sets, you’ll need a FOMOstreamfor each TV.  Otherwise, you can easily use miracast to send the same stream to 2 or more TV’s; or simply move the FOMOstream box from one TV set, to the other; if  you don’t care about having each TV set in use at the same time.

Q.) Can you tell me the difference between one of your products and an amazon fire stick or any other streaming unit?

A.) The specs alone will tell you that the FOMOstream is in a class of its own, but it’s the experience that we know will seal the deal.

Quality, Power / RAM, Memory, Firmware, Personalization, Options, Capabilities, Streaming & Resolution, Better WiFi & Ethernet (less chance of buffering), and downloading capabilities, are just a few things that an FOMOstreamprovides that you can’t get anywhere else.

Also, the KODI app on our FOMOstream boxes comes fully loaded and managed through our free updates for as long as you on the box.  Firesticks and other streaming devices require subscriptions and memberships to get the content to work.  Even if you get a jailbroken firestick (which will of course void the warranty), it won’t perform as well or have any wizard updates.  You would have to find the resources to add each 3rd party add-on yourself so that it’s even on the box.  Then you’ll have to maintain it yourself over the years to reflect industry changes and that can be quite frustrating… which can defeat the purpose of a box that should only bring joy and entertainment to the user.

Q.) Will this work on any TV,?

A.) Yes, the FOMOstreamAndroid SMART TV Box will work on any TV.  It doesn’t have to be a Smart TV, or even a digital TV.  If you have an older TV without an HDMI port, you’ll need to use our Fs1plus model along with composite A/V connections.