FOMOstream™ Android Smart TV Box

Android SMART TV Box

HD, 4K & 3D Streaming Media Player

3 Great Models To Choose From !

Comes w/ 1 Year Warranty!

FOMOstream™ FS1         FOMOstream™ FS1mini         FS1plus Android TV Box
Fs1                                          Fs1mini                                   Fs1plus

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KODI Android TV Box
FOMOstream is an upscale Quad Core / Octa Core Android SMART TV Box that harnesses the power of the internet to turn your basic home TV into a very powerful home entertainment system with what feels like endless options, features, and capabilities.

The Fs1 Series from FOMOstream is the first fully managed and supported Android TV Box to feature the brand new, and highly anticipated, Realtek 1295 Chipset which industry enthusiasts understand is the top leading chipset available on the market.

Our Fs1 Series also pioneers the Android TV Box industry as the first Android Smart TV Box to support VP9 Ultra HD Streaming Technology for Youtube 4K.  This means that the FOMOstreambox can stream 4K resolution films directly from KODI, instead of requiring external files to stream 4K on other Android TV Boxes that claims have 4K streaming capabilities.

Works on ANY TV, not just a smart tv.  If you have a smart TV, the FOMOstream box will make it even smarter; brilliant even !!  * If your TV doesn’t have an HDMI input, you’ll need to choose the FS1plus model to use with AV composite connections.

The FOMOstream HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Player comes loaded w/ Android Apps, KODI Add-Ons and Free OTA and KODI Updates for as long as you own the box!  Not just KODI Add-On Updates, but we updates the featured Add-ons themselves so that any old or broken addons get removed and or replaced with each update.  You’ll always have the best working Add-ons featured for you on the FOMOstreambox.

Many households across the globe use our FOMOstream Android TV Player to replace their cable tv and satellite tv providers, allowing them to cut the cord and saving the average family considerably each year on unnecessary cable and or satellite bills.  You can too!

What does the FOMO in FOMOstream™ stand for?
F.O.M.O. = Fear Of Missing Out

With an FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box | HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Player, you don’t have to miss out anymore!  You’ll have the best available Android Smart TV Box on the market!  Plus, you can now live life on your own terms and march to the beat of your own drum!  You’ll never have to miss out on your favorite TV shows, Movies, and or Sporting Events anymore because if it was even remotely popular, our SMART HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Players will allow you and your family to access just about anything that you can imagine.  Prerecorded and/or Live!  Even in HD & 4K resolution, & 3D ! (parental controls available).

Prefer to watch ‘LIVE’ TV?

No problem!  You can also stream just about any live broadcast around the globe to your home tv with the FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box | HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Player!

You’ll also be able to browse the web, run featured apps and other apps through Google Play Store, and upload your own home movies, music, pictures, and files to access privately with your family through the FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box | HD, 4K, & 3D Streaming Media Player!

Get Access To Channels Like These & Much More…


* Never A Single Subscription, Membership, and or Rental Fee EVER Required !!!


Tech Support Also Available!
FOMOstream™ Exclusive Offers!

We at FOMOstream encourage healthy lifestyles with rich experiences so we are teaming up with event management companies to bring you the best sales and promotions on some of the best concerts, festivals, and events near you!  These will not be spammed though our Android TV Player but instead will provide all our customers with an easy means to access these great event deals through the FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box home screen as well as a membership portal on our website.  This way you can live your life carefree without Fear Of Missing Out because you now own an FOMOstream Android SMART TV Box, and we have you covered!

Just A One Time Payment!
Never a Subscription, Membership, or Rental Fee Required!



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